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The origins of Micheluzzi Glass

Since the birth of our glass collection, many things have changed for us “Micheluzzi Sisters”. In fact, this project has completely changed our lives under so many aspects… After years abroad, we have both returned to live in Venice and our bond with this incredible place is now stronger than ever!

Once we came back to our lagoon, we have finally “really” discovered glass. Closely observing and participating in the process of glass making is an extraordinary experience that we now truly feel as ours. We always got along as sisters, we have done many things together, but we did not expect to be working together too.. now we are inseparable!

Venice, glass, family: the ingredients were all there... So maybe it was fate!

sorelle e Max
But let's take a step back and put things a little bit in context. We have always admired our father’s work. Growing up we spent a lot of time in his gallery and, on occasions, he took us to the furnace in Murano. We were obviously fascinated by this incredible craft but we didn't think we could follow his footsteps. We saw his work as unique and unrepeatable, tied exclusively to his name and his talent. So, when the time came, we took our own paths, not even thinking about the possibily of a career in glass. 
In fact, before the beginning of Micheluzzi Glass, in 2019, we were both living in London, one working in an art gallery (Elena), and the other (Margherita) in the online fashion and homeware industry. Surely, London, art and fashion were key experiences for us, but it’s along this very pathway that we really connected with Venice, Murano and glass. All familiar aspects of our background that we almost used to take for granted. And it is precisely this sense of belonging that has given us the push to start Micheluzzi Glass.

It all started like this...

It was December 2018 we were in London and our parents had come to visit us for the Christmas holidays.

While browsing through the shop windows, we came across a sale of luxury home furnishings and decorative items, including Murano glassware.

Glassware is generally not the type of object that is part of our father’s creative repertoire but, being glass made in Murano, he was curious to see what they were like, how they were presented, what their audience and market was.

mosso diary origini
We both intervened by explaining to him why beautiful glasses hand-made in Murano would certainly be a great success and we started to tease him by saying that he should have made glasses too. From this episode, many ideas and conversations unchained...until he proposed: "Why don’t you come with me to the furnace and let's see if you come up with a good idea for a new glass?" We both felt an inner-drive, a curiosity, an excitement. We started sharing ideas, drawing, thinking, studying glass catalogues. This little push was enough to make us rediscover a world that we had always had under our eyes.
That was the precise moment in which Micheluzzi Glass was born. It was at the end of January 2019 when, for the first time, we visited the furnace in Murano for our own glass. Being there, no longer as spectators, but finally actively participating in the creative process, completely changed our perspective about the glass world. Our first idea for glassware was our Mosso glasses, and we started from there! Then we kept experimenting, taking advantage of this opportunity, and our collection began to take shape.
We finally completely fell in love with this incredible art! For a while, we managed the production intermittently, flying in from London at any occasion. But very soon we realised that we had to work on this project full time if we wanted to bring it forward. And so it was. We resigned from our jobs in London and moved back to Venice, where we officially started our new lives. From that moment, these past two years have been really intense and full of projects, and things to learn and experiment since we are always looking for new challenges that will “put to test” our creativity.
We really hope you enjoyed this first chapter of our diary. If you want to see the collection of glassware that sparked Micheluzzi Glass, discover more on our online shop