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Who’s Behind Micheluzzi Glass?  
Micheluzzi Glass is a handmade glass collection designed by Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi. The duo who happen to be the daughters of Massimo Micheluzzi, a leading Venetian glass artist, grew up in the father’s workshop surrounded by glass. The two sisters grew up closely observing the iconic glass-making art of Murano and decided to continue the family tradition by starting their own glass collection in 2019. The two sisters are following the family tradition of glassmaking by starting a new line focused on glassware with a contemporary twist. Despite their modern twist, Elena and Margherita do not intend to reject tradition. In fact, it is quite the opposite since their work remains closely linked to the Venetian history and heritage.  
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Contemporary Murano Glass
Each piece is a unique expression of the best craftsmanship you can find in Murano, the mecca of glass located in the Venetian lagoon.  The whole collection is produced with the ancient techniques preserved by the Maestri Vetrai (the Italian name for glass masters) First, the Maestro shapes the glass piece by mouth blowing it in the furnace, then the glass is hand-finished with a variety of different techniques ranging from the corrugated Molatura to the more delicate pearl-like effect achieved through Iride. The Micheluzzi sisters embraced the ancient glassmaking tradition of Murano and then elevated it with their unique taste and contemporary vision. Their goal is to continue their family tradition of glassmaking with a fresh approach. Each glass reflects a very recognizable style that we can certainly define as contemporary.  In particular, what makes their vision of glass stand out is the sensorial experience.  
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A Sensorial Experience
All the glass produced by the two sisters has this very distinctive trait: the texture. The peculiar texture is achieved thanks to a variety of techniques. One above all is the Molatura: a grinding process that transforms the surface and the perception of glass. Then there is the Granzioli technique, which makes it seem that the piece of glass is fallen from the sky by a freezing cold distant planet. No wonder that the two sisters have named this glass collection “Ghiaccio”, the Italian word for ice. But the finishing of the glass produced by the two sisters can also be gentle and delicate; some pieces of their production are in fact made thanks to the Iride technique that transforms the glass giving to it an iridescent pearl-like effect. As for their glassware, they have the peculiarity of being moving objects; at first glance, their watery shapes make you think that they are still in the glass liquid form, almost as if they never had the chance to complete their transformation in a solid body. These dramatic changes of the surface can be experienced with two senses: touch and sight. And it is thanks to this game of light and texture playing together that each glass seems a live object. The way in which the light reflects enhances the colours and contrasts of the glass creating special shimmering effects that project you in the Venetian Lagoon atmosphere.
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Living the glass
Elena and Margherita have spent their lives surrounded by Murano glass, and it is this very familiarity with such “entity” that shaped the way in which they use and live the glass.  No wonder that glassware has been the first kind of object they started to produce. But not just the glassware, their whole production has been conceived with a specific aim in mind: all Micheluzzi Glass shall be usable objects.  For instance, the vases can be used as lanterns for creating a magical atmosphere or as a shelter for something delicate and ephemeral such as flowers. This is the reason why the sisters’ works can be seen as both sculptural and functional furnishing elements.
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A Collection To Collect
Coming in countless variations of colour, shape and size every piece of the collection is completely unique, each characterized by a distinctive surface that transforms the perception of glass. The uniqueness of each piece and the subtle fil rouge that connects all the various creations, allows you to mix and match the different glass, composing in such way an infinite spectrum of variations that will bring to your home the Venetian colours and atmosphere.  
Peek inside the Micheluzzi Glass shop and admire the full collection of vases and glassware