Adriano Cisani for Micheluzzi Glass

We are thrilled to present a photographic project by Adriano Cisani for Micheluzzi Glass.

In this new series of photographs, Adriano Cisani captures the world of Micheluzzi Glass with his visionary eye, resulting in a playful, unforeseen dialogue. While the fish - the iconic presence of Adriano's works - pays homage to the maritime culture of Venice, most photographs are wrapped in a backdrop of fabrics, reference to the Italian textile tradition which is another signature detail of his style.

Whether intervening with ice and fire, using industrial materials such as tape and.., or filling vases and glassware with fishes, Adriano’s photographs aim to surprise by pairing glass with unexpected elements and materials which nevertheless seem to become one with the objects. Ultimately, Adriano approaches the creations of Micheluzzi Glass in an unprecedented way, creating a “scenario” that, through the lens of photography, enhances the objects, their appearance as much as their substance. As a whole, this series of shots is conceived as a tale of two crafts, an exercise of style that amplifies the message of both.