Coppetta Laguna

Coppetta is a precious tiny vase which can be a decoration object or used as a small vessel for different purposes, such as a holder for jewellery or serving nibbles. Crafted with the traditional techniques of Murano, the glass is lucid and smooth in the inside, while the surface appears carved and opacified on the outside.

Colour: Green, Size: H 6cm, Ø 12cm

About the techinque: Molatura

This technique takes its name from the grinding wheel used to carve the cold glass, which in Italian is called “Mola”.
Usually, the Molatura is used to get rid of the cutting edges of the glass during the finishing phase, but we have reinterpreted its original function, making it one of our most iconic decorative tools.
Since it is an extremely versatile and adaptable technique, we use it in very different ways, creating objects that, at first glance, don’t even seem were made with the same process.
The different carvings make the tactile experience one of a kind, also allowing the light to play with the glass surfaces, reflecting colours in a unique way.


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