Mosso Acqua Small

Each glass is handblown and shaped whilst molten to achieve a gentle effect of motion – Mosso in Italian. With their curved edges, all glasses are unique as each one differs slightly from another.

Each glass is handcrafted and signed. Slight variations in appearance may occur due to the artisanal nature of this product. Dishwasher safe.

Price refers to a set of 6 glasses. If out of stock or for larger sets contact us at

Colour: Aquamarine; Size: H 9cm, Ø 7cm

About the techinque: Mosso

Mosso is not the name of a technique but is the name we gave to our glassware line.
Here, the thing that stands out is the peculiar shape of each glass. There is no particular process in the making… The only peculiarity is the shape in itself.
The twisted forms of these glasses almost make it seems that they just came out from the furnace; it feels like they are melting while you look at them.
And the most incredible thing is that this look was obtained with a simple caress on their edges once they were taken out from the flames.
Sometimes we enrich our Mosso glasses with a subtle coloured line (called “filo”) that is very typical of Murano’s tradition, and that it’s highlighted thanks to the un-typical shapes of this glassware line.


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