Sacco Acqua

‘Twisted’ whilst the glass is still malleable and soft, Sacco recalls the shape of a crumpled sack. Once cooled the vase preserves this sense of motion which is further enchanted by the iridescent sheen that follows its curves.

This vase is handcrafted and signed.

Size: H 24 cm, Ø 16 cm

Colour: Aquamarine

About the techinque: Iridazione

The process of Iridazione (to make a surface iridescent) gives to the glass a visual pearl-like effect.
This chemical process is generated when the glass is still soft and incandescent.
Thanks to some metal fumes, a delicate patina envelopes the glass, creating an opaque screen where the light will sometimes dance like on metal, others like on a watery surface.
This optical effect, combined with the irregular, soft and fluid shapes of the glass, really resembles the one you can appreciate through Venice's canals.


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