The Inspiration Behind the Creation of Our Mosso Glasses

In the last chapter, we talked about how the Micheluzzi Glass project began with the creation of our Mosso Glasses. Now, we want to share more about what inspired us to make Mosso and why we love these glasses so much.
While researching in the furnace, we stumbled upon deformed glasses that sparked our inspiration. We noticed the unique twisted and crumbled shapes of these glasses, each one different and imperfect. This discovery led us to envision a glassware line that captured a sense of gentle, natural movement, as if the glass was still in a liquid state.

The fluid shape and wavy edges of these glasses reminded us of the watery surroundings of Venice, with its canals and warm colors. This environment inspired us and led to the name "Mosso," meaning 'moved or moving' in Italian. The name reflects both the visual and sensory experience of the glasses, as their sinuous shape naturally follows the grip of the hand.
The initial sensory experience inspired us to experiment with unique textures and surface changes in our glass production, defining our style and collection. Since the creation of Mosso, we have also explored various colors that create stunning effects when light reflects off them.

The liquid inside the glass, whether bubbly water or colorful wine, can produce mesmerizing color changes visible through the smooth, glossy surface of the glass. We sometimes add a subtle colored line on the edge of the glasses, called 'Filo', inspired by Murano's tradition. In our latest style, Mosso Spirale, the thread extends beyond the edge, forming a spiral around the glass. This craftsmanship can transform the appearance of an object with a simple gesture like a caress.
What makes this experience even more special is how the glasses naturally reflect the unique atmosphere of Venice, capturing its essence, lights, and colors. We are fortunate to enjoy this view daily and would like to raise a toast to the beauty of a summer sunset with a lovely (Mosso) glass of wine!

We hope you enjoyed this diary entry and look forward to sharing the next chapter with you. If you missed the previous one, read about The origins of Micheluzzi Glass.

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