Who’s Behind Micheluzzi Glass?  

Micheluzzi Glass is a handmade glass collection designed by Elena and Margherita Micheluzzi. The two sisters, daughters of Venetian glass artist Massimo Micheluzzi, grew up in the father’s workshop surrounded by glass. In 2019 the duo decided to continue the family tradition by starting their own glass collection, a new line of vases and glassware. 

Contemporary Murano Glass

Micheluzzi Glass is expression of the finest craftsmanship of Murano, the world capital of glass immersed in the Venetian lagoon. Each piece is blown shaped and finished by skilled glass masters. While the process remains closely tight to tradition Elena and Margherita revisit the art of glassmaking with a contemporary approach and a unique style. In particular, the glass designed by the two sisters has a very distinctive trait: texture, achieved thanks to acvariety of technique, one above all is cold carving, the signature style of Micheluzzi Glass since the beginning.

A Sensorial Experience

What makes Micheluzzi Glass stand out is precisely the sensorial experience. Inspired by the lights and colours of Venice, all creations are defined by vibrant faceted surfaces and shimmering effects that play with the perception of glass. These dramatic changes of the surface can be experienced with both touch and sight, and thanks to this game of light and texture each glass seems a live object.

Living the glass

Elena and Margherita have spent their lives surrounded by glass in their family home and in their fathers workshop. This personal experience shaped their vision of glass. This is why their designs are conceived with a precise vision in mind: living the glass not just as sculptural element but as functional vessel.

A Collection To Collect

Coming in countless variations of colour, shape and size every piece of the collection is unique and has a presence of his own. Meanwhile the style that connects all Micheluzzi Glass creations allows to mix and match the different glass to create infinite compositions and growing collections.