Micheluzzi Glass Tips for Your Venice Visit

If you, like us, enjoy wandering through Venice and discover captivating unique places that showcase style and craftsmanship, these lines present unusual places that stand out for their originality and passionate dedication to beauty.

Whether it's a restaurant, a boutique hotel or an apartment, these venues are embodied by talented professionals who share the same desire to preserve the city's heritage with a creative vision.

Some pieces of our work are showcased in these special places, each producing an inspiring collaboration.


In San Marco, along a discreet calle, the renowned Hotel Flora run by Giole Romanelli expanded in 2017 to offer a more immersive experience for travelers: staying in a large, warm, and refined apartment where one immediately feels like a Venetian.

Guests enjoy all the comfort of a boutique hotel in complete independence and privacy.

Contemporary and modern, its design captivated us from the start. Casa Flora is a versatile space perfect to welcome families, hosts dinner parties, and anyone curious and eager to learn how to cook Venetian cuisine.

For numerous events, our vases adorn the space and seamlessly blend into this luminous environment. Our glasses accompany dinners or cocktails, adding their touch of authenticity with their irregular shape and unique color.

After three hotels in Tuscany, Sara Maestrelli turns to Venice and builds Violino d'Oro in the San Marco district, where Venetian craftsmanship reigns supreme.

Elegant, refined, and exquisitely decorated, it feels timeless. While looking for Venetian glasses and furniture to decorate Violino d'Oro we met Sara who was eager to furnish the hotel with pure local craftsmanship demonstrating elegance, timelessness, creativity and durability.

Every fabric, piece of furniture, plate, or glass comes from Venice or Tuscany. Sara selects each item from these regions, made only from natural and high-quality materials.

Our vases in the space amid this sumptuous decoration adorned according to her whims and blend seamlessly into this unique decor of ancient and contemporary.

In this Renaissance Venetian palazzo, one embarks on a true sensory journey. Palazzo Experimental, a few steps from our gallery, is an essential meeting point for travelers and Venetians seeking tranquility and delicately paired flavors near the Zattere.

Everything here recalls the charm of old Venice, combined with the talent of modern designers and highly skilled artisans; the aesthetics and style instantly captivates.

Hotel, restaurant, cocktail bar – this place has it all for relaxation and entertainment! Guillaume Pinaut, the restaurant's director, and his team draw inspiration from Venice in creating a bespoken cocktail menu.

They have chosen our Mosso glass as the container for a winter Inverno Mosso, a mixture made from gin, red vermouth, enhanced with a tangy twist.

Paired with their delicious cicchetti in the secret garden, or on the terrace overlooking the majestic canal, it is a must while in Venice.
It is a privilege for us to showcase our glass creations in these places all of which reflect an authentic experience of Venice, an experience that deeply draws from its past while eagerly embracing innovative ideas for tomorrow.

We hope this reading will inspire for your next trip to Venice!

Micheluzzi Glass www.micheluzziglass.com Dorsoduro 1071, 30123 Venice

Casa Flora www.casafloravenezia.com San Marco 2313, 30124 Venice

Violino d'Oro www.violinodoro.com San Marco 2091, 30124 Venice

Palazzo Experimental www.palazzoexperimental.com Fondamenta Zattere Al Ponte Lungo Dorsoduro 1410, 30123 Venice