Read some pages of our diary: a collection of short tales that will tell you everything there is to know about our work and how we live it every day

6th Chapter: The Magic of Murano

Check out the new chapter of our Diary dedicated to the island of glass, Murano, where glassmaking transcends the craft and takes a magical form by merging tradition with creativity

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5th chapter: A Day in Dorsoduro Follow us around in this new chapter of our diary! Today we invite you to spend a day with us in our beloved neighborhood Dorsoduro
4th Chapter: Venice, a Magical Backdrop We decided to dedicate this chapter of our diary to photography, an aspect of our work that has proved to be a notable element when it comes to projecting our brand. If you ever wondered how we work with visuals at Micheluzzi Glass, now it is your time to discover!
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3rd chapter: Cold Carved Vases, our Style Signifier  Since the beginning of Micheluzzi Glass we have extensively explored the cold carving technique and, from the start, this process has defined our style. On this new page of our diary we will tell you how we started adopting it for our vases and how it became the style signifier of our glass collection.
2nd Chapter: The Experience of Mosso Glasses On this new page of our diary, we will tell you more about the special bond we have with our Mosso glassware, the very first creation of Micheluzzi Glass. Read through the story to catch a glimpse of the ‘Mosso experience’ and feel the atmosphere of the Venetian lagoon.
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1st Chapter: The Origins of Micheluzzi Glass If you are curious to know how we started our glass collection, then you should read this first chapter of our diary. We will tell you the whole story of Micheluzzi Glass from the very beginning.